96-99 GSXR 750 Dragbike

AirTech designers worked closely with the NHRA in "morphing" the very small GSXR bodywork to fit the wider and longer dragbike race chassis. The end result, one very awesome dragbike body. Features of the new design consist of functional air intake in the nose which routes the air under the molded dash to pressurize the new AirTech airbox. The leading edges of the fairing are 3" narrower than other Airtech designs that won the last 2 NHRA Pro StockChampionships. The fairing side have a nice curve to help reattach turbulent tire air and keep laminar flow down the sides. The big stock upper radiator vents have been filled and bulged to clear the width of the added engine cylinder head oilers. The lower stock radiator vents have been retained to siphon air out of the all new designed bellipan in attempts to create a vacuum under the bellypan to suck the front end to the ground. This vacuum effect has been very successful on the last two AirTech designs and have helped safely in creating a drivable speed of 180mph top end. The fairing also features an exhaust pipe bulge that will clear most of the pipes on the market. The AirTech designers reviewed all their homework notes and redesigned the rider seat pocket for better ergonomics. The rear 2nd step seat has raised 1" to flatten the riders' back for better aerodynamics and the dummy fuel tank even has a chin dimple on the top to help the rider to get the helmet "under the bubble." The tail section has been lengthened 15" and widened to handle the 10" drag slick. The smooth aero tail will definitely close the envelope right back to the dummy tail light and molded in fenderette. Two front fender styles are available, one for the inverted Track Dynamics ICS front ends and one for the 110mm convertional Kosman drag forks. The AirTech designers have pulled out all the stops and everything they've learned from the last two NHRA Championships have been applied to this design. AirTech's Owner, Kent Riches says "I've bet this design will give them extra 3mph." With the current NHRA Pro Stock Champ John Myers and 8 pro riders committed to running the new body at the NHRA races. There is a very good chance that we will be setting new speed records.

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