CBR 600 F2 & F3 Crea 600

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A Creation is born!
Blending the CBR 600 F2 & F3 chassis with the imaginative twisted mind and artful sculpting hands of Kent Riches. The result? Look for yourself! A creation, the CREA 600. Sexy, flowing, organic, even orgasmic, this body kit will attract people saying "What kind of cool bike is that?" Kent even designed this kit with a removable seat cowl so you can give all the bimbos you meet a ride.

If you have this kit, e-mail us a pics and we'll include you on this page. You'll be famous!

Crea body kit

This is a complete body conversion kit for the '91-'94 CBR 600 F2 and the '95-'98 CBR 600 F3. The kit contains main upper fairing, the lower belly pan, the front fender, tail section, and a removable solo seat cowl. This body kit bolts up to your CBR 600 using all your stock Honda brackets and hardware.

Please note that the Honda front main bracket bends like butter so we strongly recommend replacing your bracket with a new Honda piece.

This fairing assembly uses a '95-'98 CBR 600 F3 windscreen (not supplied).

This body kit will bolt onto all CBR 600s from '91-'98.

The '97-'98 CBR 600 F3 owners will have to replace their taillight with a '91-'96 CBR 600 taillight assembly.

This kit requires an average skill level to install. By average we mean that if you can change your rear tire you should have no problem installing this onto your motorcycle. Some drilling, trimming, and fitting is required to mount this assembly. As you can see, the results are well worth it!


Important Note:
This body kit will - NOT - fit 1987-90 CBR 600 F1 Hurricanes! The chassis is completely different and absolutely will not fit on the 1987-90 CBR 600 F1 Hurricane!

Don't even ask, and don't even try! It won't fit.


Please note these very important items!

  • We sell an unfinished unpainted product, it is your responsibility to sand, finish, and paint the parts you buy from us.
  • The parts we sell are un-drilled; it is your responsibility to drill all of the mounting holes and fit the parts onto your chassis.
  • All of our parts may or may not include the internal mounting tabs. Please consult with our sales representative if you have any questions about mounting things like headlights and dashes.
  • It is the purchasers’ responsibility to mount all of the products they purchase onto their machine. If you need assistance mounting these products call our sales reps for advise.

Part #
HONDA CBR 600 F2 & F3 CREA 600

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