RVF 750 '93

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Even after we had adapted RVF bodywork to fit the RC 30 for American Honda's Ray Plum, he wanted more. The Smokin' Joe's bodywork pictured has air intake ducts built into the uppermost part of the fairing, which routes air into the air box. Airtech offers this bodywork in the competition version with no headlight holes.

Since this is kit bodywork from Japan, the tail section was redesigned for riders of American dimensions, namely Mike Hale (and you). The seat was stretched back a little bit to give Hale more room to tuck in under the bubble. This is an extremely aerodynamic fairing for the Honda V4s or any other bike you may want to use it for.

Super Bike Upper
This is a 2nd generation of race fairing for the works Honda factory roads race RVF 750's. This fairing differs from the original with the addition of air intake ducts in the upper fairing by the windscreen. These ducts route air through the gas tank into a pressurized air box. Although the RVF was a race bike, and never offered for sale to the general public, these fairing were made by us and supplied to American Honda road race teams. These cool and stylish fairings are also popular for the Honda hawk racers and crazy people like Jeff Shorts. He used one on his AFM championship winning FZR 400. Give your sales rep a call; he should be able to help you determine your application.

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Lower Belly Pan
This lower fairing fits our 2RVF1 race upper fairing. This full one-piece design has a filled in belly pan that may satisfy your race organization requirements for oil containment. Some trimming for exhaust clearance is required for installation on a NT650 hawk

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Super Bike race tail

This is a very stylish race tail for the second-generation RVF racer. We've seen these seats cut up and put on NT650 hawks VFR 750, and even CBR 600s. It's a very cool styled seat.


Hale Race Tail

Similar in shape to our 2RVF3 race tail with the exception that the seat pan area is longer. In 1993 the Airtech sponsored American Honda road race team had a problem. It seemed that their new rider Mike Hale was too bike for their bikes, so they came to us for some help. Air-tech's owner/designer Kent Riches saw an immediate solution to the problem by modifying the seat pan area give mike more room to move around. Of course American Honda, being a race team, knew they needed more than just one modified seat.

So we made a mold and it quickly became a popular seat. If you're a big boy and need a little more room on your race bike, this may be the tail for you.



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  • It is the purchasers’ responsibility to mount all of the products they purchase onto their machine. If you need assistance mounting these products call our sales reps for advise.

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2RVF2 HONDA RVF750 LOWER $273.89

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