You love your bike, and we would love to see what you've done with Airtech bodywork. Wanna show it off to the world? Here's your chance...

Email a cool picture to When shooting your picture, try and keep live chickens (dead ones too, come to think of it) and trash cans out of the background. A simple, clean background usually works best. Sends us a big 'un, we'll make it smaller. Although we have requested hot chicks, few of you have come through. Yes, that is disappointment on our faces...

You can also post pictures of your ride on our wall on facebook
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Owner:Bob Copare, United Kingdom.

Bike: 1984 Yamaha RD 350 LC

Bodywork: YZR500 GP replica for RZ350

Here is my finished 1984 RD350 LC having utilised your incredible body kit. As you can see he is pictured with his big brother Yamaha MT10.

Owner: Jon Glaefke - Boulder, CO

Bike: 1994 Ducati Supermono

Bodywork: Ducati Supermono

Comment: I'm sending you a few photos of my Ducati Supermono that I race. It's got a 1098 motor with one cylinder lopped off and Airtech bodywork. When the bike was originally built (1993-95) lower fluid retention cowlings weren't mandatory in racing but now they are so I modified the lowers.

Owner: Todd M. - Cumberland, MD

Bike: 2009 Ninja 500R

Bodywork: EX500 Supersport Tail

Comment: Thought you could use a picture of this awesome tail once installed!

Lots of compliments on it. Folks saying they've seen a lot of Ninja 500s but never one with a custom tail like this one. Unique look = Mission Accomplished. Full lower fairing coming next!

Thanks Airtech!

Owner: Alan Boyter - UAE

Bike: 2012 Triumph Street Triple

Bodywork: RICCR1SE half fairing, TB8M2R vintage seat.

Comment: As promised I have attached some pics of the finished bike, the build was delayed due to race commitments but its all done now. Thanks again for the parts,


Owner: Phil Hogan - Clarksville, GA

Bike: '91 VFR750

Bodywork: VFR750

Comment: This is a complete set of VFR fairings that you sent me back in November with a RC45 decal set on a 91 VFR750. They worked out great!

Thanks Phil

Owner: Brandon Stringer - Dallas, TX

Bike: '90 Kawasaki ZX11

Bodywork: Kawasaki ZX11

Comment: Just wanted to share some photos from my latest project. This is the second time I have purchased from Airtech-Streamlining and will definitely so so again in the future. This time I purchased the ZX11 side fairings to restore my 1990 Kawasaki ZX11-C. The absolute value of your products have enabled me to repair my bike and allow me to take a tremendous amount of pride in what I ride. will recommend your company for the rest of my life.

Thank you,

Brandon Stringer

Owner: Digital Directiv - Portland

Bike: Ducati Sport Classic

Bodywork: Sport Classic 1-pc Half Fairing

Comment: Photos: Pierre Robichaud

Owner: Cliff Cox - Berea, KY

Bike: '78 Honda CB750F

Bodywork: Honda CB750F SOHC cafe tail

Comment: This is my 78 CB750 Super Sport with your rear F model tail, brake light insert and upholstery pan. Thank you guys so much for your great customer service and part selection. Your rear fairing is by far the best available for the F model.
Thanks again!

Owner: Jim Conachen - Sequin, WA

Bike: BMW R90S

Bodywork: Ducati 900SS half fairing, BMW cafe tail, bobbed front fender


Owner: Patrick Sauter - Germany

Bike: Suzuki 94-95 GSXR750W

Bodywork: MORI1M seat and Hammer fairing

Comment: This bike was built on a budget by Patrick Sauter for a family member. The story was covered in the German MO Motorradmagazine.

Owner: Neil Moore - Grants Pass, OR

Bike: Buell M2

Bodywork: XR750 Tail Section and Buell Superbike fairing kit

Comment: Thanks for your help in making this project a reality!

Owner: Geoff Hand - UK

Bike: 1988 FZR750RR

Bodywork: FZR750 RR

Comment: As promised a photo of my FZR 750 RR which I bought from Holland last year, it as got a factory kit exhaust,modified frame, a kit swing arm with a quick release rear wheel, kit forks and brembo brakes. The fairing is one of yours I believe and now the seat unit finishes it of. We catch the ferry to the IOM this Fri, my son rides the FZR as well as a ZXR 600 in the junior and senior classes,

Best Regards,

Geoff Hand, UK

Owner: Gary Schlabaugh - Anchorage, AK

Bike: 1974 Honda CB750

Bodywork: Honda CB750 Dirttrack seat

Comment: The seat finally made it to Alaska, fit was great; made some mods to the length and came up with a custom mounting system. Using the stock gas tank placed the seat further forward and required some cutting of the rear frame rail.

Owner: Ted Clough - Milton, GA

Bike: 1966 Ducati Monza

Bodywork: Ducati Singles SS conversion

Comment: Hey Guys -

Thought you might like to see how your kit turned out...

FYI, this was on a 1966 Monza 250 Narrowcase base. I think your kit was originally set up for the later widecase models, which have a slightly different frame setup. Anyway, I was able to make it work. I had to raise the rear of the tank about 2"and support with a bracket. The seat was also about 2" too long for frame, so had to shorten the front to make it fit, which made the actual seating area pretty tight. I think it came out pretty cool. Going to show it off at Barber next week...

Ted Clough

Owner: Ronnie Fairbrother, Rocket Custom Moto, UK

Bike: Moto Guzzi

Bodywork: Concept 250 Half fairing

Comment: I purchased a CON1 vintage fairing from you guys last year for the Guzzi project. You kindly sent it with the screen from Gustafsson so I thought I would share the finished bike with you. The screen is heavily cut down from standard. Awesome product and great service guys, many thanks.

Owner: Russ Harland - New Zealand

Bike: Honda S90

Bodywork: Honda RS93 fuel tank , Aluminum turn signals

Comment: Hi guys, just sending a couple of pictures of my S90 cafe racer with Airtech CR110 replica tank for S90 and yourindicators. Lots of enjoyment to build and ride!

Owner: Jesus Casanova - Spain

Bike: BMW R1100R

Bodywork: R11F1K fairing kit

Comment: Thanks!

Owner: Charlie Edward - Canada

Bike: 1989 Honda VTR250

Bodywork: VTR250

Comment: This is my VTR250 Interceptor, with your bodywork.
It has a 1989 CBR600F1 Hurricane front end in a set of VF500 triple trees, a rear wheel and swing arm off a 1990 VTR250 for a 17"x3" rear wheel, and had a 1995 CBR600F3 rear shock coverted to fit.
It works really well. The carbs have a Factory Pro jetting kit and a +2 rear sprocket. It tops out so far at 102mph on the back straight at Nelson Ledges!
Should be a Ninja killer!

Owner: Rassie van Aswegen - Bexton Craft

Bike: '70 Honda CL90, Suzuki GT750 Waterbuffalo

Bodywork: Honda CR110 seat on the CL90, Rickman seat and 900SS fairing on the GT750.

Comment: Thanks for the great stuff!

Twinline motorcycles

Owner: Isaac - Twinline Motorcycles - Seattle, WA

Bike: '94 Ducati 900SS, '75 Yamaha RD350

Bodywork: TZ250 H tail and upper on the Duc, Camber Daytona fairing and TD tail on the RD.

Comment: Thanks for the great stuff!

Twinline motorcycles

Owner: Hussain Alsowaigh - Miami, FL

Bike: Hayabusa Turbo LSR

Bodywork: Hayabusa Land Speed "B" body


Owner: Mabo Amano - Vancouver, Canada

Bike: Ducati Sport Classic

Bodywork: Paul Smart fairing

Comment: I really like your fairing ! Finally I made up and ride Sport 1000 with it for this season.

Owner: Andrew Jones - Petersborough, Canada

Bike: 86 GSXR750

Bodywork: GSXR750

Comment: Mosport 2014

Owner: Mike Coates - Bathurst, Australia

Bike: Moto Guzzi Daytona

Bodywork: Lemans I fairing, Sport Classic tail

Comment: Here is a picture of my race bike with all your bits on it. Came up pretty nice don't you think?

Owner: Ray Smith

Bike: RZ350

Bodywork: YZR350

Comment: So I actually won a national championship this year with AHRMA - even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then! Thanks for all your help.

Owner: Steve Miles - MPR racing

Bike: GSXR600

Bodywork: Charlie Toy


Owner: Hideki Kitagawa - JAPAN

Bike: BMWR100RS

Bodywork: BMWRSS3

Comment: About two months ago, my caferacer project for BMWR100RS was completed. I used your Rennsport seat for the project. I sent you some pictures for my BMW caferacer.

Thanks a lot!!


Owner: Motorradhandel Sobolewski - GERMANY

Bike: Moto Guzzi Lemans

Bodywork: UBT fuel tank



Owner: Eric Fraiz - France

Bike: 89 GSXR750 Slingshot

Bodywork: 2GSXR78 number plate

Comment: You remember me? I bought your number plate for my Sietto project ... It's finished and l'm sending you some pictures of my bike...

K8 GSXR1000 forks and front wheel
1100 motor, yoshimura st1 cams, 6 speed gearbox
GSXR750SP swingarm, Marchesini rear wheel
90 GSXR750 front fairing, 86 Honda RS 250 tail
01 GSXR600 gauges

Best regards,


Owner: Francisco Belmonte zamora - Spain

Bike: Moto Guzzi

Bodywork: K2 Knoscher fairing

Comment: Hello,
About three years ago I bought a Knoscher cafe half fairing, and promised to send a photo when it was finished. Here it is. It was worth the wait!

Greetings from Spain

Owner: Jason Vaden

Bike: BMW Sidecar rig

Bodywork: SCF3 fairing, SCN1 nose, SCWC3 tank/fender

Comment: Hey guys, here's a couple of pics of our rig completed, Airtech glass and all. We are Jason Vaden (monkey) and Dave Kaechele (pilot) of 3V's Racing.



Owner: Phil Cohen

Bike: Yamaha R1

Bodywork: Yamaha R1 race kit


Owner: Fred Morgan - Lunenburg, N.S., Canada

Bike: '75 Kawasaki H1

Bodywork: Suzuki Hammer tail section

Comment: I purchased the Hammer seat/tail section a couple of years ago from you guys for this project and am finaly just about ready to get her going. The seat had about 1 1/2" taken out of the midle to narrow it up and then I shortened it to fit, then I recontoured the sides to fit the smaller profile.
Fred Morgan

Owner: Steve Huff

Bike: Buell XBRR

Bodywork: Sidecar landspeed tail section


Owner: Fernando Montes - Mexico

Bike: Honda CB750

Bodywork: CR750 fairing, tank, seat


Owner: Island Racing Services - Galveston, TX

Bike: '86 GSXR 750

Bodywork: GSXR fairings, Yoshimura seat


Owner: Brad Smith - Englewood, FL

Bike: '79 YZ250 with CR250 motor

Bodywork: Bultaco TSS fairing, TZ250G3 tail (trimmed down)

Comment: Here are some pics of my CR250R powered 1979 YZ250. Thanks for the great products!

Owner: MPR - Crestwood, KY

Bike: Harris framed KZ1000

Bodywork: Hammer fairing, Moriwaki tail, Vintage race belly pan


Owner: Escondido Cycle Center - Escondido, CA

Bike: Honda Valkyrie Landspeed bike

Bodywork: Hayabusa Turbo upper , S&S tail


Owner: Shane Liberty - San Diego, CA

Bike: 2nd Gen Suzuki SV650

Bodywork: Honda RC51 front fairing , RS250 tail

Comment: Front duct filled by customer, custom subframe.

Owner: Scott Parker - Sowanee, GA

Bike: Honda NSR50

Bodywork: NSF100

Comment: Your kit on the track!
WERA Gran National Finals 2013
Rider: Garrett Parker
Class: Mini 50GP
Track: Barber Motorsports Park

Owner: Richard van der Meer - Netherlands

Bike: Ducati 900SS

Bodywork: TZEFG Upper & TZ250 H tail section

Comment: Looks simple but I had to modify both the tail and the fairing to suit the Duc frame. Next year it's going to Spa Francorchamps!

Owner: Mike Soteros - Brighton, MI

Bike: '67 Benelli 175

Bodywork: Bultaco flyscreen


Owner: George Lane - New Zealand

Bike: Kawasaki GPZ900

Bodywork: GPZ900

Comment: Thanks for the help with bits and pieces and advice. Photos are from the Barry Sheene Festival 24-26th of October at Hampton Downs raceway New Zealand.

Regards George Lane

Owner: Dan Gallagher - Dyersville, IA

Bike: Honda CB450

Bodywork: Rickman Avon

Comment: Here are some pictures of my CB 450, I used you Rickman / Avon fairing with windscreen and nose cone from Gustafsson, I just love the fairing. For the 450 I needed to make all my own brackets but the fairing was of great quality and mounted nicely, Thanks for all of you help and a great product!

Owner: Steve Munro - Loud Bike

Bike: Bimota DB1

Bodywork: Bimota DB1


Owner: Ted Koch - Hollister, CA

Bike: Ducati 900SS

Bodywork: Sport Classic fairing and Monster fender

Comment: Ted modified a Paul Smart front fairing bracket to mount the Sport Classic fairing.

Owner: Jerry Bobb (Deviant Paint and Custom)

Bike: 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa

Bodywork: Hayabusa

Comment: I painted my 06 Hayabusa for the 8th Indiana Fallen Hero's ride.

Owner: Eric Roehrle - Baltimore, MD

Bike: 08 Kawasaki EX250

Bodywork: Aermacchi RR250

Comment: Hi this is my 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250, it is used for land speed racing at Maxton and Ohio. It currently holds about 11 records. Top speed is 123 mph so far.

Owner: "Fireman" Bill Ross - Valley Center, CA

Bike: Moto Guzzi

Bodywork: Land speed fairings, MV Augusta tank

Comment: Our 1110cc modified pushrod gas entry setup for Speedweek 1350cc class . Fabbed up a second set of pipes to try out this year, the record is 167 and change in this class. Airtech Bodywork !

Owner: Kriston Ebrey - Winder, GA

Bike: Honda Nighthawk

Bodywork: H2R2M cafe seat

Comment: Thanks, like your product !

Owner: George Nachtsheim - Littleton, Colorado

Bike: Custom Triumph land speed build

Bodywork: DR450 dragbike fairing

Comment: Here are some photos of my land speed racing Triumph powered bike with Air Techs' DR450 fairing. I spent 2 years building the bike, the frame and front suspension are of my own design. The engine started out life as a 1959 TR6, I've installed later model 9 bolt 650cc barrels and Bonneville head. The engine is balanced and blueprinted and inside it has 12.5:1 Robbins pistons as well as many Kibblewhite performance parts which are fed by way of a pair of Amal T10-GP2 carbs from a 1965 BSA Spitfire. The tires are Avon RoadRider, 21" in front and 18" rear, mounted on SunRims alloy wheels with Buchanan stainless steel spokes to custom aluminum hubs all assembled by Woodies Wheel Works in Englewood, Colorado.
The bike runs in the APS-PG ( A, special construction, partial streamlined - pushrod gas ) class which has a record of 116.541 MPH. I have run the bike at the Bonneville Speedway the last 2 years and to date I have been able to run to 109 MPH but come next August I plan on setting that record considerably higher. I do all of my own design, machining, welding, engine building and tuning so I have to do the driving/riding too! The paint and airbrush work on the fairing was done by Josh Bourassa of TrueKustom in Sheridan, Colorado. The fairing, not having any flat surfaces, was a bit of a challenge to mount. It took me a couple of days to figure that out but with it mounted and at 109 MPH it works great!

Owner: Jason Sagaci - Stratford, CT

Bike: '79 Kawasaki KZ1000

Bodywork: Hammer


Owner: Brad Smith - Englewood, FL

Bike: '86 Suzuki GSXR750

Bodywork: GSXR 750 and Hammer

Comment: Some pictures of my 1986 gsxr 750 with your modified Moriwaki tail and your Hammer upper modified with my own head light bucket and head light cover mated to your Canadian gsxr 750 lowers that I slightly modified. Thanks for the great products once again!

Owner: Ludo Houben - Belgium

Bike: BMW R1200R

Bodywork: BMW R1100R Fairing


Owner: Moto Motivo - Raleigh, NC

Bike: Ducati F1 Endurance Tribute

Bodywork: Ducati F1


Owner: Tony Kornasiewicz - Glenwood Springs, CO

Bike: Suzuki T500 Titan

Bodywork: Suzuki TR500

Comment: Just wanted to say thanks for helping me bring a battered and forgotten 1975 Suzuki T-500 back to life. Its great to smell the sweet fragrance of a two stroke tearing up the canyons again!

I used your Suzuki TR500 race seat and Suzuki TR500 Race fuel tank for the build, and it went together like a dream.

Owner: Rene Smit - Netherlands

Bike: Honda CB450

Bodywork: CR450 fuel tank


Owner: Ford Stell - Strokers Dallas

Bike: Royal Enfield side hack

Bodywork: Ducati Singles SS fairing

Comment: Here are some pictures of the enfield side car we needed the fairing for. It's C5 Bullet Royal Enfield, I made all the extras, including the fairing bracket and everything that is not stock.

Thank you very much, and you will be hearing from me again!
Ford Stell

Owner: Zago Zampier - Italy

Bike: GSXR1100

Bodywork: Hammer fairing and tail section

Comment: Hello,
Remember that you sold the fairing for my special, to be installed on GSXR1100? Once, long work, here is the result!

Zago Zampier

Owner: Tom Kalayjian - Graniteville, SC

Bike: Triumph Bonneville

Bodywork: Dunstall fairing (modified by customer)

Comment: I just wanted to send you a few pics of the finished Dunstall fairing on my Bonnie. Thanks again for all your help and a fine product.

Owner: Shawn Hedley - Bolton, ON, Canada

Bike: 1995 Ducati 900SS

Bodywork: Supertwin conversion fairing

Comment: Here’s a few pics of my 1995 Ducati 900SS bike with your Supermono conversion kit. For the time being, I’m going to stick with the original dual seat but will probably change to the single seat supplied in the kit.

Owner: Randy Smith - Murphysboro, IL

Bike: 1970 BMW R75

Bodywork: Ossa RR fairing, Land speed seat and fender

Comment: Here are a couple of pics of my 1970 BMW R75 with AirTech body work that I raced at Bonneville, El Mirage, and Maxton.

Owner: Jan Prinsloo - Bangkok, Thailand

Bike: Ducati Monster

Bodywork: Sport classic race fairing

Comment: The fairing fitted and my Monster Café Racer finished. Thanks for your help, cool quality fairing!!

Owner: Eric Horton - Greer, SC

Bike: Ducati 900SS

Bodywork: Superlight tail and upholstery

Comment: Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Superlight tail section and seat.

Owner: Xeng Yang - Norwood, NC

Bike: 2006 Triumph Thruxton

Bodywork: Knoscher half fairing


Owner: Thomas Mayerl - Austria

Bike: GSXR1100

Bodywork: GSXR1100 dragbike tail


Owner: Steve Wilson - Stafford, VA

Bike: 2005 Suzuki SV650

Bodywork: Ducati 916 Race fairings and AMA tail

Comment: Suduki!

Owner: Reid Cowley - Peterborough, ON, Canada

Bike: 1986 GPZ900

Bodywork: GPZ900


Owner: Paul Dootson - UK

Bike: Kawasaki AR50

Bodywork: KR50 race fairings

Comment: Hi guys I thought I'd post a couple of pics of my AR50 that I have been racing this year. Body work has attracked a lot of attention but as you can see have modified a few bits. Overhaul top banana!

Owner: Michael Callaghan - Bowral, NSW, Australia

Bike: BMW R100RT

Bodywork: BMW boxer Rennsport seat

Comment: Hi guys, I can't believe this has taken a year! Find enclosed pictures of your tailpiece on my BMW, it started as a crashed R100RT. I was originally going to use my 82 R100RS as a donor but the later model RT came up at the right price, so the RS will be restored to original.

Thanks again for the great tailpiece, the seat trimmer especially liked the separate seatpan, made his job a heap easier. I just wish my fairing was the same quality as your tail!

Michael Callaghan

Owner: Jimmy Lane - Joplin, MO

Bike: Kawasaki Dragbike

Bodywork: ZRX dragbike

Comment: Here is my 2011 Chassis Werx small tire bike with all Airtech body work: ZRX Body, fairing, fender

Owner: Jason Fairclough - S. Jordan, UT

Bike: Hayabusa

Bodywork: Rad Greaves fairing

Comment: Here are some pictures of my grudge bike, featuring one of your Rad Greaves Hayabusa upper fairings! I have always loved your workmanship and attention to detail. I look forward to using your products on my next project!
Thanks, Jason Fairclough

Owner: Dave Devincenzo - Little Ferry, NJ

Bike: Yamaha 2-Stroke

Bodywork: RZ350 racing fuel tank

Comment: Sorry, the hot chics are out to lunch... Thanks for the lightweight gas tank alternative.
Say hello to the Beast! 485 cc 100+hp Yamaha RZ :)

Dave DeVincenzo

Owner: Helge Vadseth - Norway

Bike: Yamaha 2-Stroke

Bodywork: Yamaha YZF600 R6 Super Sport Race Tail


Owner: Gary Worobec - Anza, CA

Bike: GSXR750 Streetfighter

Bodywork: Rogue fairing kit

Comment: Hi guys. This is the finished streetfighter project. I got the cowl and lights from you several months ago and the tail is actually yours but I kicked the end up a bit. The side scoops are from Germany. You ought to consider doing some mouldings for those. As more and more street bikes get thrashed guys are going to be doing more customization. I will say that your glasswork is better that the stuff I got from Germany!

Owner: Erik Fuerst - Appleton, WI

Bike: Yamaha

Bodywork: Kawasaki H2R race seat - modified

Comment: Great tail-fairing, super high quality build and finish! Was just the answer to relocate all the electronics and battery on the old Yamaha (looks awesome too...). Clip-ons have nice welds, fit and finish.
Bike also has a 1975 Honda CB360 fuel tank and master cylinder, Raask rearsets and a set of Bridgestone Battlax tires. Cafe' cool!

Owner: Ezikiel J. Dacanay - Daly City, CA

Bike: 1997 Ducati 916

Bodywork: Wide Cutlas Cafe Seat

Comment: Thanks Guys! Turned out awesome ~Ezikiel J

Owner: Dewey Greear - Ashland, KY

Bike: Ducati Sport Classic

Bodywork: 900ss Race Seat

Comment: Attached are a few pics of my Duc with Airtech seat, fairing, and fender. Just thought you might want to see it.


Owner: Justin Wilson - Sundre, AB, Canada

Bike: KZ400

Bodywork: Reed Titan Tank, KR250 Race Seat,

Comment: Tank, tail, front fender all from airtech worked out great! (with some custom frame work). Thanks guys! Still something of a work in progress.


Owner: Charlie Edward

Bike: 1975 RD 350

Bodywork: Camber Daytona fairing

Comment: Hey, this is my old school racer, hope to do some vintage racing with it. 1975 RD 350, .040 over bore, VM34 Mikuni carbs, ported by Big Lou Snider, the Metal Magician. Yamaha Vision front end- Seca 400 rear wheel
Your 35mm clipons. Guys in the pic are the PR Racing folks, Big Lou is the dad.

Owner: Bjorn Davidsen - Norway

Bike: 2003 Harley 883 R

Bodywork: XLCR Conversion Kit

Comment: Hi, Just to let you know Im very happy with the xlcr conversion kit I bought from you last fall. I just got it on the road, after a long winter over here. I added som pictures. 03 883 R. The front end is from my old -93 gixxer 1100. I will fit another rear wheel 17” And a Kerker can 2in1 exhaust.The exhaust are an old suzuki can that I cut off 15 cm. I have planned to put on a Kerker can made for the Sporster. Rear wheel is HD stock will try to find a 17" to fit. The suz front end and the Progressive Susp. Rear shock improved the handling :-) It's pretty good being a Harley.


Owner: Aaron Sanders - Round Rock, TX

Bike: 1971 Hodaka Ace 100B

Bodywork: Vintage Quarter Fairing

Comment: I call it a Hodaka "Street Rat", it started life as a 1971 Hodaka Ace 100B. We gave it a Cafe treatment and souped up motor then entered in the Texas Mile. At the Texas Mile we posted a record speed of 72 mph of a 40 year old, 100cc dirt bike. On the project I used a fairing, seat, clip ons and head light mount from your shop. Thank you for great products and great service!

Owner: Shane Liberty - San Diego, CA

Bike: SV650 (2nd Gen)

Bodywork: ATX kit

Comment: Mods I had to do to fit the ATX front fairing kit on my 2nd Gen:
- Trim a little corner out of the inside of the upper to allow for radiator clearance;
- Make two simple brackets and attach to motor mounts;
- Bend the ears of a Vortex race fairing stay;
- Shorten the back of the bellypan 1" to keep it well clear of the tire.

Also made a custom duct to route some more cool air to the radiator.

Owner: Yuri Padowinikoff - Newport RI

Bike: 1974 Yamaha XS650

Bodywork: Honda CR750 fairing

Comment: Plenty of cutting and modifying to get here, but I couldn't have asked for a better foundation to start with than your great fairing!


Photo credits:
Tom Connors (static) Logan Hill (riding)

Owner: Joe's V Cycle

Bike: Honda CB550

Bodywork: Honda CR750

Comment: Custom tube type rear sets, tail light, brackets, side panel, exhausts, etc.......... and of course Airtech bodywork!

Thanks, joe@vcycle

Owner: Fairplay Motorsports - Lexington, SC

Bike: 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa

Bodywork: +6 Hayabusa street tail section

Comment: 8:52 @ 159mph on stock motor. 65" wheel base with Airtech +6" tail section and a 190/50/17 tire.

Owner: Rich Grantham (UK)

Bike: 1985 RS250 - NSR250 Freddie Spencer replica

Bodywork: '88 RS250 Front fairing and fender

Comment: I built a Rothmans RS 250 for Freddie Spencer (Triple GP World Champ) to ride himself at European Classic Race events. Very pleased with your fairings & fender. They fitted extremely well. I had my bodywork / paint man reposition the right hand side radiator outlet duct slightly, as it was fouling on the water pump cover bolt.

Owner: Todd Green - Havertown, PA

1990 Suzuki GSXR750

Bodywork: 1991 GSXR750 upper

Comment: I recently finished my project 1990 GSXR 750 with an upper from a 1991 I had you make for me and I just wanted you to see the finished product with my headlights. Maybe you want to put it up. I`m loving how it turned out! I used 6" Hella Superbright driving lights. Hey they`re DOT approved so I shouldn`t have any issues with local law enforcement. I added some decals I found on ebay for the eyes. Thanks again for your help and a quality product!!

Owner: Mark Young - Charlestown, WV

1971 Kawasaki A7

Bodywork: Kawasaki A1R

Comment: The bike is really a "street legal" 1971 Kawasaki A7 that I made into an A1R replica. Thought you would like these pics!

Owner: Tay Groom - Toledo, OH

1991 Yamaha FZR600

Bodywork: FZR-R1 conversion kit

Comment: I got hit on this bike last year. Bad drivers! Now look at it! Thanks to Airtech's full body R1 kit. She's just as fast as she looks!

Owner: Gary Ellem - Townsville, QLD, Australia

Honda CB350

Bodywork: CR350 Drixton tank and seat


Owner: Hugh Regalado - Quartz Hill, CA

Suzuki B-King

Bodywork: Suzuki Hayabusa

Comment: I want to thank you all for the beautiful fairing you built for me. I just got back from Bonneville and my stock motor 2008 Suzuki B-King was able to hit 176.3 mph. That is a 16 mph improvement over the same set up as last year! Fast enough to qualify for the long course. I am sending along a picture for you to use on your site if you would like.

Thank you again!! HR

Owner: Scott Forgie - Canada

1996 Yamaha YZF600

Bodywork: Yamaha YZF600 R

Comment: Just thought maybe you'd be interested in seeing my '96 Yamaha YZF600R racebike, complete with Airtech race fairings and fluid containing belly pan.
I have been racing in Lost Era Light and Heavy weight classes for the past 2 mths. Managed two podiums (3rd ) in Heavyweight against some R1's, CBR900's, YZF and GSXR 750's, on my little underdog 600!

SOAR Series-Novice #22


Owner: Cycle Factory - Germany

Harley XR750

Bodywork: XR750 dirttrack fuel tank

Owner: Ken Zetterquist - Z Man Machining - Chico, CA

1972 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Bodywork: Charlie Toy Fairing

Comment: I just wanted to let you know we set three AMA Landspeed Records at the Bub event using your fairing! I also did my personal best of 151.072 mph, on my 1972 Sportster!

Ken Zetterquist
F.R.C.P. Racing


Owner: Fernando Rodriguez - Valencia, Spain

Yamaha RZ350

Bodywork: YZR500 GP replica for RZ 350

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