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Polini Bodywork

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Looking for some Polini fairings? A Polini 910 tail section or a Polini 911 tank shell? Airtech carries a full selection of street and track fairings for most bikes! Take a look at our extensive collection.

Welcome, when we say nobody in the world has a larger product line than us, we mean they don't even close.

We can positively say that we have the widest variety of motorcycle bodywork in the world.

We make everything from a street fairing to full race fairings.

Need a lower? No problem.

How about a front fender or rear hugger? No problem.

Race tail, pressurized air box, lightweight fuel tank, drag bike bodywork.

We never stop updating our product line. If you have a need and don't see it here give us a call we probably make it.

To order call 760-598-3366 NOW!