93 Yoshimura Suzuki
Water-Cooled Superbike

During the 93' season Yoshimura teamed up with Airtech to do some serious development work on the fairing assembly of their Superbike Suzuki GSXR 750.

Wouldn't it be sweet for us to offer the general public the same exact painstakingly developed bodywork? Well, we are nothing if not sweet here at Airtech so the following special pieces are actually for sale!

A competition upper fairing with a shield that runs back below the bottom triple clamp to seal off the space around the radiator to prevent high pressure bleed off. Yosh used a one piece lower that was comprised of the left and right side panels and the radiator shroud. It's available.

Either Supersport or Superbike race seats were used in conjunction with anti-draft shields in most cases. Now for sale. The team ran the KYB front end with our front fender and finally settled on a premium design for the rear fender. We've got'em available.

AirTECH also designed an air box assembly and a sprint fuel tank for y'all to put on your bike. So if you're looking to restore a 1993 water-cooled superbike or are in the process of building a custom street bike, we can make your life much easier.

Looking for some Suzuki GSXR bodywork or a Hayabusa fairing? Take a look at our extensive collection. Airtech carries a full selection of street and track fairings for most bikes!

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