TA125 1974

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It's a curious thing. You can find a picture of the TA 125 fairing in the Yamaha parts book, yet most of the late 60's to early 70's race bikes came with no fairings.Yamaha relied on folks like Mattsinger, Vesco, Taylor, and Brown to design and manufacture fairings for the TA.

Airtech offers one of the more popular fairings for this bike. Originally it was made on the east coast by George Taylor. No we have his molds.

The fairing is a two-piece assembly that splits up high by the steering head. The upper and lower are quite flat-sided and rounded on both the bottom. The bottom is generous below the pipes if you need to use a oil diaper to comply for oil containment rules. If you have a notion of restoring an old TA 125, don't even bother looking for the fairing displayed in the parts manual.

Just call Airtech and get set up with the same fairing hundreds of others have used before you. After all, getting that bike back on display (or back on the track) shouldn't be a pain in the bottom.

This stuff fits right on and looks great. Use it.

Yamaha TA125 'Taylor' Race fairing
In the early 90's Air-tech Founder/Owner Kent Riches, purchased all of the molds from Taylor manufacturing. In those truckloads of molds, was this little beauty. This gem was a real popular fairing in the 70's for the TA125's as in it was a little more generous in size for the bigger riders. If you're currently racing a TA125 then you definitely need this fairing. Most race organizations require oil containment and the little TA125 Yamaha fairing doesn't have enough room to fit in an oil pan. But the beauty about our Taylor fairing is that it's got a lot of room for an oil pan. So if your looking to restore an old TA125 or you looking to restore one then this is the exact fairing you need.


Yamaha TA125 Race Tail
This beauty is identical in exterior design to a TA125 tail with the exception of not having an oil tank. You see most racers cut the oil tank out of their tail section in the 70's and bonded up the holes and never used the things. And with modern 2-stroke oils, you don't need the oil tank either. This clean design is perfect for your restoration. This tail section also fits on the RD60's, RD80's and RD125's 2-stroke twins. But, it's a little too small for the RD200, RD350 and RD400.


Yamaha TA125 Fuel Tank

If you're still racing a TA125 you'll be glad to know that we still make this piece. Your stock aluminum is tank is probably cracked in to a million pieces and if not then you probably want to save it and use one of our lightweight fiberglass tanks.


Please note! This gas tank is not recommended for street use, this is a fiberglass gas tank that will not dent.  In the event of a crash, the gas tank may rupture and spill fuel possibly catching your motorcycle on fire. This gas tank is recommended for racing purposes, with racing fuel only! Read more...


Please note these very important items!

  • We sell an unfinished unpainted product, it is your responsibility to sand, finish, and paint the parts you buy from us.
  • The parts we sell are un-drilled; it is your responsibility to drill all of the mounting holes and fit the parts onto your chassis.
  • All of our parts may or may not include the internal mounting tabs. Please consult with our sales representative if you have any questions about mounting things like headlights and dashes.
  • It is the purchasers' responsibility to mount all of the products they purchase onto their machine. If you need assistance mounting these products call our sales reps for advise.

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